The Benefits of Long-Term Storage

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The Benefits of Long-Term Storage

When I started a new job a few years ago, I had no idea how frequently I would be moving. Unfortunately, I found myself relocating every few months, and I realized that I didn't want to take all of my stuff with me every time. Instead of getting rid of half of my belongings, I decided to rent a storage unit. In addition to making it easy to simply stash my things when I had to hit the road, my storage unit also became a dynamic, easy place to store things like holiday decorations and clothes my kids had outgrown. This blog is all about the benefits of long-term storage, so that you can use your unit to its full potential.



Temperature Change: Tips For Moving To A New Climate

If you're used to the harsh winters of Nothern Canada and you're planning a move to the warmer southern areas or even to a new country altogether, adjusting to an entirely new climate can take some getting used to. Being properly prepared before your big move will save you headaches and help you adapt more quickly. Here are some helpful tips to get you better prepared for your big move from one extreme temperature and weather style to another. Read More 

Three Things You Should Know About Tipping Your Courier

It can be an awkward feeling to open the door, sign for a package that you've been waiting for and then fret over whether you should tip the courier before he or she leaves your porch. On one hand, you don't want to be rude by not tipping, but on the other hand, you're not aware of any tipping protocols like those at a restaurant or hotel. The good news is that it's easy to learn all that you need to know about the process for tipping your courier. Read More 

Planning A Move? Tips For A Stress Free Successful Day

Moving doesn't have to be unorganized, nerve-racking and confusing, and instead, you can take the time to make sure that unpacking is just as easy as packing everything up. With the right moving supplies, like moving boxes, packaging tape, labels, bubble wrap and foam, you can pack everything safely and efficiently.  You don't want to just toss random items into boxes to fill empty spaces, and instead, you need a strategic plan. Read More 

3 Tips For Avoiding A Large Auxiliary Fee

Auxiliary fees, also called assessorial charges or additional fees by some moving companies, generally include an increase in price for various circumstances that require a greater amount of work or resources than originally planned for during your quote. Although these fees are usually listed as part of your contract, many people assume that they will not encounter them and are surprised when they are listed in their final bill. To prevent an unpleasant surprise, it is important that you know what auxiliary fees are and the best ways to avoid them. Read More 

The Advantages Of Using A Long Distance Moving Company

Moving a long distance can be a very difficult job to do, especially if you don't have a reliable vehicle, help or the time to complete your move within your ideal timeframe. Well, rather than stress yourself out about getting your move done quickly and smoothly, you will find it best to hire a long distance moving company. There are many services that you can benefit from when hiring a long distance moving company, like the following: Read More